Feline Diabetes mellitus

Incidence of diabetes mellitus in cats

The prevalence in cats is around 7.4 per 1000 (Lederer et al. 2009).

All cats are susceptible to diabetes but it is usually seen in middle aged to older cats. A higher incidence is seen in neutered male cats.

An increased incidence of Diabetes mellitus has been noted in Burmese cats in Australia and the UK (Rand et al. 1997; Lederer et al. 2009). The prevalence of diabetes in Burmese cats in Australia is 22.6 per 1000 cats, significantly higher than in the general population (Lederer et al. 2007). This may be related to abnormalities in triglyceride metabolism in Australian Burmese cats (Kluger et al. 2009).


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Diabetes mellitus in cats

Estimates of the incidence of Diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats range from from 1 in 500 to 1 in 100 (Panciera et al. 1990).